Is the Writing I Receive Original?


My prices reflect my promise to you on this. You’re getting a real writer, who spends real time to create a high-quality piece for your practice.

When you order an article from me, what I write is always original and written for the purpose of your practice, clients and unique voice in mind.

Do You Use Articles You Write for Me Anywhere Else?


Whenever you purchase an article from me, it’s with the understanding that you own the article for good.

Then, you can use it in the way that best fits your content marketing needs.

Can You Ghost Write for Me?


For many, this is a much-needed option.

My passion for writing and experience working with people allows me to meet your current and potential clients right where they’re at. My goal is to relate to them in a meaningful way so they want to walk through your door.

Hiring me allows you to have great content even when you don’t have the time needed to create it. It also allows you to create a body of work with your name on it to further increase your credentials on the web and beyond.

Can I Use Your Name for My Blog Articles?

For sure. I stand by anything I write. If you ever want to put my name to the articles I write for you, that’s totally fine with me.

Some of my clients post articles as “admin” as well (basically not giving a writer attribution which is fine, too). This is the third option if it fits your needs.

Do You Post Articles to My Website or Do I do that?

That’s really up to you.

If you have someone in-house who can post your articles, that’s great. If not, I can post them for you. 

Posting an article to your website can be cumbersome given all of the SEO factors. These days, getting content ready for Google to read is considerably more involved than simply copying and pasting.

If you don’t want the hassle, I can help with that. If you like the challenge, go for it!

Can You Guarantee Better Search Engine Results for My Website?

No I can’t. At least I can’t guarantee specific results.

Consistently placing quality content on your site, sharing your articles on social media and correctly posting them are important SEO factors, however.  Regularly doing these things will improve your search rankings over time and increase customer interest.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to grow more sophisticated. There are too many components that make up good SEO for a writer to make a specific guarantee.

An SEO specialist, on the other hand, possibly could make a guarantee like that.

Can I Refer You to Colleagues of Mine?


You’re always welcome to refer my services to your colleagues. I’m thrilled when I receive word-of-mouth referrals from my clients. It’s the best indicator that you’re happy with the work I do.